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SMS plugin

This page contains SMS plugins made by or for SureSMS. There are both SMS plugins made by SureSMS and others that can be used by SureSMS.

We regularly add new plugins, so keep an eye on this page for the latest extensions.

What is a plugin?

A plugin is a kind of extension or addition to your standard setup or system. When we at SureSMS create plugins or Add-ins, as it is called for Outlook, for example, it is typically an addition to a system so that you can integrate our SMS service into the system. In other words, a Plugin or Add-in is an addition.

All plugins are free

From the start, we have made a decision that all plugins we create are free. That means you don't have to pay to install them or to use them. It's a free service from SureSMS to our customers.

Download Plugins directly from Outlook or WordPress

When we create plugins, we make sure they are designed based on the guidelines provided by the standard applications. Therefore, our plugins can also be downloaded directly from the applications they are made for. In practice, this means that our Plugin for WordPress can be downloaded directly from their Plugin overview, just as our Add-in can be downloaded directly from Outlook.

Get an account first

For all plugins, you need an account to register with when installing the new plugin. SureSMS provides such an account quickly, easily and free of charge.

You create a free account by filling out the form on this page. After you have submitted your details, we will send you an email with the information you need to activate your plugin. There are no costs associated with creating an account and there is no commitment to our SMS Gateway account.

Outlook SMS Add-in

Our Outlook Add-in comes with a button in your menu bar so you can send SMS messages directly from your Outlook mailbox. You decide from which mobile number and in which folder the messages should be saved. Perfect for documentation and journaling with your system.

Read more about SMS Outlook Add-in from SureSMS here.

You can quickly create an account by downloading our Add-in. Try our Add-in and receive 50 free SMSes with your test account.

WordPress SMS plugin

Our WP plugin comes with a widget that you can place on your website so that your visitors can send SMS messages from there. You can define a footer in the SMS message, so you get an advertisement when people send messages from your site. A great service for your customers and marketing in one simple solution.

Read more about SMS WordPress Plugin here.

For it to work, you need to fill in your username and password. Create a free account via the link here. We will send your login details within 5 minutes.

WooCommerce SMS Plugin

In collaboration with SureSMS, Rommel.dk has created a plugin for WooCommerce. WooCommerce is the most widely used webshop platform in the world.

With this plugin, you can automatically send SMS to your customers when something happens to their order. For example, when the order has been shipped or if you need to ask a question about the order.

Read more about the WooCommerce plugin here.

For it to work, you need to fill in your username and password. Create a free account via the link here. We will send your login details within 5 minutes.

Joomla SMS Plugin

SureSMS is one of the preferred SMS gateways in AcySMS. Acyba has created a Joomla plugin that makes it possible to send newsletters, offers, order status and much more by SMS from Joomla.

Read more about the Joomla plugin here.

As the only Danish SMS gateway, SureSMS also offers you the ability to receive SMS in AcySMS and Joomla.

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Here you can read an example of how our customers use SMS2SMS today

  • We developed our SMS2SMS solution for a Danish architecture firm who wanted an SMS solution that could be used on their construction projects. Solutions should facilitate communication and allow contractors and subcontractors to communicate to residents about the progress of the construction projects, offers and more. At the same time, the architectural firm wanted a solution where residents could sign up for the information flow themselves.  SureSMS developed the SMS2SMS product for architects. Anyone can send information to the solution via a single SMS and residents can sign up via keywords.


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To help our customers, we have gathered all instructions and descriptions at manual.suresms.com. Here you can see how our gateway works and get simple, user-friendly instructions for the many features. 


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At developer.suresms.com we have gathered documentation and code examples to make it easy to integrate our gateway into your system.

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