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SureSMS Outlook Add-in version 2.9

At SureSMS, we have created an Add-in for Outlook so you can quickly and easily send SMS directly from your Outlook. Use your Outlook contacts to send SMS messages to clients, users and customers. With the SureSMS add-in, you also get the option to save and thus journalize the messages. Download and install our Outlook plugin here from the website. The plugin and subscription are FREE, and you only pay per SMS sent at the current rate. See our SMS Gateway prices here.


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    About our SMS Outlook Add-in /plugin

    As we use more and more mobile solutions, text messaging has become the most reliable way to reach people as quickly as possible. However, sending text messages from a mobile phone involves a lot of typing and loses the ability to document the communication at a later date.

    With our Outlook Add-in, you can easily send messages to both groups and individual recipients, and you can easily save and document your communication via Outlook.

    Download SureSMS Outlook Add-in Version 2.9

    From this link you can download our SureSMS SMS add-in directly to your computer. This add-in makes it quick - and very, very easy - to send SMS from Outlook.

    The add-in/our plugin works for Outlook 2013 and up

    It works whether you use Office 365 or your own Exchange server.

    TerminalServer or Citrix server

    NOTE: If you are installing the Add-in on a Terminal Server or a Citrix farm, you must use this MSI file instead.

    SMS Outlook for Terminal Server

    When installing, the terminal server must be in install mode.

    Start a command line in admin mode

    1. Type "change user /install"
    2. Run the installer
    3. Type "change user /execute"

    Then you need to:

    1. Log in to Outlook as an administrator
    2. Go into Files / Settings / Add-ons
    3. At the bottom under "COM Add-ons", click Add.
    4. Press add in the dialog box.
    5. Find the path to the add-in
    6. Select the file adxloader.ddl and press ok.
    7. Restart Outlook




    2-way solution

    When you create a test account at the top of this page, you will receive 50 free messages to test. Unfortunately, in the test version, it is not possible to receive SMS messages. Call us to learn more about the options for receiving SMS messages.


    Send SMS via contacts and groups in Outlook

    Our SMS Add-in is developed specifically for Outlook with the standards that Microsoft requires of their Add-ins. This means that with a quick installation of our plugin, you will have the functionality built into your Outlook menu. Via a SureSMS menu in your top bar, you can send SMS and group SMS directly to your existing contacts or add new ones. Simply enter your contact name or phone number, type the message and hit send.
    An SMS can be up to 160 characters (set by the telecom companies), but from our SMS sender you can send up to 800 characters. If the message is longer, it will be correspondingly more expensive, just like from your regular phone.

    Documentation and Journaling

    When you send SMS from your Outlook client via SureSMS, we have made sure that your messages are automatically saved. Under settings, you can decide which folder the SMS messages are saved in, and any journaling system can retrieve the messages from the folder.
    This means that, just like your other communication, they can be logged and retrieved when documentation is needed at a later date. This fulfills the obligation to keep records, which applies to all public and municipal institutions.

    Select Sender ID

    With our new SMS to Outlook Version 1.4, there are several new options for selecting a sender ID. You can now send from your own mobile number and receive replies on your mobile for free. If you want to receive replies in your Outlook so that it can be documented later, you need a 2-way SMS Solution from us. It's quick and easy to set up. See the prices on our SMS Solutions here. Last but not least, you can choose to send from your company name. This can be of great value to companies or organizations for branding or campaigns. If you want multiple sender IDs, please contact us. For security reasons, our users cannot create new ones themselves, but we can do it in minutes.

    How to use

    Installing our Add-in for Outlook is easy. Just follow these simple instructions.
    Should you want more detailed guidance, see the full description on our Manualsitewhere we have detailed descriptions and guides for all our features.

    sms Outlook guide1

    Install SureSMS for Outlook

    1. Download our plugin via the link at the top of this page.
    2. Install the program
    3. Open your Outlook. You will see a screen like the one on the left.
    4. Fill in the login information.
    5. If you don't have an account yet, you can get one by following the blue link on your login screen.

    sms outlook plugin Add-in guide

    Send SMS from Outlook

    Once you have installed our Add-in, you will see a new icon group to the right in your menu, like the one you see in the image here.

    Then just type in the number, the message and hit send.

    You can type +46 and then the number if you want to send to e.g. Sweden, but if you want to send to Denmark, just set the country code on the setup screen and the system will automatically add the country code.