About SureSMS

SureSMS ApS is a Danish company based in Glostrup which has been sending SMS messages since 2003. We help companies, associations and private clients by providing SMS solutions of the highest quality and stability.

Today more and more communication and marketing is carried out via mobile phones and tablets. As a company, customer or private user you are increasingly dependent on the delivery of SMS messages being easy, quick and reliable!

At SureSMS we would like to be the partner who ensures a user-friendly and stable SMS solution that can meet your specific needs.

Who are we?

We are a team of experienced and highly educated Danish developers and operations people who have been working with SMS gateways and infrastructure, including networks, security and servers, for over 15 years.

Our operations people keep themselves constantly updated, follow the launches of new products and maintain their certifications. Our innovative developers follow the latest trends and are working all the time to improve the service our gateway provides. Together we are SureSMS.

We have two data centres in Ballerup and Taastrup; these function in a redundant set-up, so if one server goes down, the other takes over. This helps to ensure our customers the optimum operational stability.

What do we want?

The aim of our work is to create the best SMS gateway for our customers. A gateway that is reliable and always provides the best quality and uptime for delivery of SMS messages. But our quality depends 100% on working with our customers. You can count on competent, friendly and professional support from us at all times

For us it is important that we are a flexible partner for you; that we always deliver your SMS messages on time – all the time – every day, every hour, every second!


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If you want to become an SMS dealer, please contact us by e-mail: sale@suresms.com.

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