SMS gateway prices

We provide the best SMS gateway in Denmark – at the best price!

  • No set-up fee.
  • No subscription.
  • GBP 3.0 p per SMS to Great Britain / DKK 0.18 SMS to Denmark.

Do you want to send a lot of messages or send messages abroad? We have low SMS gateway prices for this too. Call us on 8993 6627 and have a chat – and get a good price. We are very competitive for SMS gateway prices in Denmark.

A 2-way SMS solution costs DKK 99 per month in subscription. The SMS messages you receive are part of the subscription (free) and there is no set-up fee. The 2-way solution has a 6-month tie-in contract and can then be terminated with one month’s notice. The price is still DKK 0.14 for each SMS you send. A 2-way SMS option is not part of the test account.

Get a free account now!

You can set up an absolutely free account so you can test our system before you buy. You have nothing to lose. Fill out the form in the boxes to the right of this page and get an account with 100 free SMS messages right away. 

You don’t need to enter payment information to open a test account and test our SMS service. It’s a service from SureSMS to you at no financial cost or obligation.


We offer our customers various flexible payment schemes.

  • Invoice to your accountant once a month based on the previous month’s consumption.
  • Invoice with prepayment of DKK 200 or 1000, for example, which is put into your SMS account.
  • Credit card payment directly from our website. You will receive an e-mail from us when it’s time to fill up again.

Fill in the form to the right and get a free test account right away. You will hear from us shortly after we have received your information.

All SMS gateway prices on this page are in Danish kroner excl. VAT.

Private user

If you are a private user, we recommend that you visit our website This is a gateway that in addition to offering SMS messages from computer to mobile phone also includes our mobile app.

The app can be downloaded for Apple, Android and Google. It is easy to use and completely free for private customers.

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