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New opportunities with QR codes

News about SureSMS groups

By Glen Mandsberg | November 28, 2022

News about SureSMS groups If you use SureSMS and the group function, there is GOOD news for you. Read here about QR codes, signing up on your website and signing up from Facebook. Signing up with a QR code As a new feature, we are introducing the possibility for your members, customers, residents or employees to sign up for your text message list via a QR code. Read more

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Tips for SMS campaigns on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

By Glen Mandsberg | November 22, 2022

Tips for SMS campaigns on Black Friday and Cyber Monday When should you send? In previous years, we've seen that the period from 10:00 to 14:00 has the highest SMS traffic. If you want to avoid being overlooked in the crowd, we recommend that you don't send during this time. Furthermore, we have ... Read more

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Select SMS Gateway provider

How to choose your SMS provider....

By Glen Mandsberg | August 31, 2022

Here you can find inspiration for choosing the best SMS gateway. Unfortunately, there are several SMS gateways in Denmark where the salespeople are more focused on telling untruths about competitors rather than the merits of their own service. Rubbish When researching different gateways, you will come across the claim that various competitors use Indian ... Read more

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