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Features and functions

Our SMS system has many useful features. Different features are used by different customer types. Maybe you are looking for one of the features we have listed below. Click on the feature to learn more. You can also visit our industry guideto see how different industries use our solution.


Group SMS

You can create all the groups you want in SureSMS. You can add all the contacts you want. Sending a Group SMS couldn't be easier. It can be done in just a few clicks.

SMS templates

If you send a lot of identical or nearly identical messages, then templates are for you. You can create all the templates you want. With merge fields you can personalize your templates.

Sender ID of your choice

Choose what you want the sender of your message to be. For example, it could be Coca-Cola. Can be used for branding your company or organization. Messages cannot be replied to.

Merge option

Merge information from the address book into messages. Typically the name is merged, but any information can be merged. For example, mechanics merge car model into messages.

Schedule shipping

Make sure you reach your target audience at the right time. You can plan well in advance and still send when it suits you.

Receive SMS

With 2-way SMS you can receive SMS online. Create a dialog with your customers or employees. Receive orders by SMS. Widely used by temp agencies. Receive SMS in your email inbox.

SMS outbox

Complete overview of all sent and received SMS messages. See threads with each recipient. Which messages have been delivered and when? All lists can be exported to Excel/CSV.

SMS Link

Insert links, images or videos in your messages. See statistics on how many people have watched the video. Who clicked on the link. For example, to send out current price lists or special offers.

Easy signup lists

Embed the sign-up form on your website, via QR codes or by sending an SMS. Make it easy for your recipients to sign up to your lists and get valuable information.

Are you unsure about something?

You can always use our online help or write to our chat/hotline on our website. We are ready to answer questions and help you get started.

Today, our customers use us for, among other things:

  • SMS reminders
  • One-Time password
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Customer clubs and news SMS
  • Mobile marketing
  • Polls
  • Competitions 
Looking for more information? Read on here on the website under the following links:

What is an SMS gateway used for

Want to try our gateway? Create a test account below and we'll send you a code. With 50 free SMSes, you can test the many possibilities for yourself.

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    From developer to developer!

    Want to see our documentation or need code samples?
    We have created a page from us to our developer colleagues. Here we share code samples and examples of integrations of our API to various systems. If you have made a great integration, we would love to share it here.
    Go directly to our developer website via the link here!