About SureSMS

At Sure SMS, we create flexible and durable SMS solutions for professional users. We offer a well-documented API for a stable SMS gateway targeted developers.
We are good at what we do! And we believe that with good craftsmanship and a clear focus on technological innovation, we create the best solutions in close collaboration with our customers.

About working with customers suresms

Working with Us

We are convinced that we get the best results if we act on the feedback we get from our customers!
That's why it's not enough that we always provide you with a reliable gateway that delivers the best quality and uptime for SMS delivery. 
With us, you can expect a little more. Our support is always service-minded and personal. We have NO phone lines and it should always be easy for our customers to get hold of a live, competent employee who can help with specific problems or advice at no charge.
At SureSMS, we get things done!

About SureSMS SMS Gateway

Our Team

We are a team of experienced and highly educated Danish developers and operators who have worked with SMS gateways and infrastructure including networks, security and servers for over 20 years.
Together with our skilled communication and sales people, we work ambitiously to provide the very best service for our customers.
From our headquarters in Hvidovre, Denmark, we work with our developers around the world to constantly develop our product, our service and our communication so we can deliver your messages securely to any mobile phone in the world

If you would like to learn more about SureSMS, our services or our capabilities, please contact us. 

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Where we live

SureSMS address


Industriholmen 82
DK-2650 Hvidovre, Denmark
Phone: +45 50 322 322 322
Email: info@suresms.com
CVR: 33263104

The story of SureSMS

SureSMS Aps is a Danish company in Glostrup that has been sending SMS messages since 2003. We help companies in Denmark and abroad to deliver SMS solutions of the highest quality.

Safe operation!

We have two data centers in Ballerup and Tåstrup. They operate in a redundant setup, so if one server goes down, another takes over. This ensures optimal operational stability for our customers.

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