Prices and payment

With SureSMS you have the option to choose our Gateway accountwhere you only pay for the SMS messages you send, or one of our 2-way solutionswhere you pay a monthly subscription plus SMS tariff.

(All prices on this page are in Danish kroner excluding VAT)

SMS rates

At SureSMS, we have especially good agreements with telecom companies in the Nordic region, but can of course send to anywhere in the world with mobile coverage.

  • Denmark 0.28 kr/SMS
  • Sweden 0.25 SEK/SMS
  • Norway 0.23 kr/SMS
  • Finland 0.29 SEK/SMS
  • Greenland 0.07 kr/SMS
  • Faroe Islands 0.18 kr/SMS
  • Rest of the World x-x kr/SMS

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about prices in Europe or the rest of the world. If you need to send a lot of SMS messages, we can probably negotiate a good price as well.

  • Incoming SMS phone number 99.00 kr/month
  • Own incoming phone number on SIM card 199.00 kr/month
  • Attach files to SMS 0.20 kr/SMS

Payment credit card

We offer various flexible payment plans for our customers.

  • With the SureSMS Gateway Account, you normally purchase SMS messages with a credit card directly from our website. You'll receive an email from us when it's time to top up.
  • Invoice your accountant once a month or per quarter based on the consumption in the previous period. If you choose consumption-based invoicing, there is a minimum invoice of 100,- per month.
  • Invoice with prepayment of e.g. 200 or 1000 kr, which is deposited into your SMS account.
  • EAN number invoicing. If you represent a public institution, we have the option to send the invoice to you via EAN number.
  • Sign up for payment service.

NB! We accept MasterCard, Visa and MobilePay.

The fine print

Remember that an SMS message can always contain a maximum of 160 characters including spaces!

In practice, if your message exceeds 160 characters, it will be sent as separate SMS messages and combined into one long text on the recipient's phone. As a customer, you will pay for the number of SMS messages we send, so longer SMS messages will be slightly more expensive.

In our online app there is a counter so you can always see how many characters/SMSs you are up to while you are writing your text messages.

Number of characters Number of SMS
0 - 160 characters 1 segment
161 - 306 characters 2 segments
307 - 459 characters 3 segments
460 - 612 characters 4 segments
613 - 765 characters 5 segments
766 - 918 characters 6 segments
919 - 1071 characters 7 segments
1072 - 1224 characters 8 segments
1225 - 1377 characters 9 segments
1378 - 1530 characters 10 segments


Also note that it is not technically possible to send SMS to 3, 4 or 5 digit numbers - so-called short codes from the Sure SMS gateway.

Tell us about your needs!

Book a conference call* with Glen Mandsberg, an expert in SMS gateway solutions and the main architect behind SureSMS.

We're curious to hear about your needs and are always happy to have a no-obligation chat about how SureSMS can ensure the success of your SMS strategy.

We can also help you develop new integrations between SureSMS and your systems if you don't have the necessary developers and programmers in-house.

* You are also very welcome to contact us via the chat function in the bottom right corner

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