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What is an SMS integration?

It is often referred to as SMS integration when one system uses an SMS gateway to send and receive SMS messages. For example, when a library system, a booking system or a membership database uses an SMS gateway to send an SMS.

For example, the booking system "tells" SureSMS to send an SMS with a specific content to a specific number. For example, the booking system tells SureSMS - "please send an SMS with the text "Remember your table at 19:00 today" to phone number 12345678 in two hours".

Some systems already have SMS integrations. Some have integrations to many SMS gateways and some only to one or two.

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    Password is sent by SMS to this number.


    SMS integration for social media

    The many social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc. are great places to collect contacts for your marketing list if you are a company that sells to consumers - so-called B2C. We have made various integrations for social media. Here you can read about our SMS integration for social media and what you need to be aware of, especially with regards to GDPR and personal data.


    SMS integration for booking, staffing and scheduling systems

    One of the places where SMS makes the best business case is in booking systems. This could be a hair salon, a restaurant or a temporary staffing system. Many customers today expect to be reminded of their appointment. If the reminder doesn't arrive, the customer doesn't show up and you lose revenue. Therefore, SMS can be a very powerful weapon against loss of revenue and also to create more loyal customers.

    Integration to webshop/e-commerce systems

    Customer service is one of the most important things for online web shops today. Communication is an important part of customer service, so communication with your customers is becoming more and more important. SMS notifications when something happens to a customer's order are a no-brainer, but there are also huge opportunities for upselling with SMS. The vast majority of people (97%) open an SMS. And if they have just bought from you and you send them an SMS, they are very likely to buy again. SMS can also be used for abandoned cart. You can send your customers an SMS about their abandoned cart. Additional sales for holidays and much more are great opportunities with SMS for webshops. Read about the different webshop systems here.

    SMS from marketing automation systems

    An automation system is a system that automates your marketing efforts. The most popular systems are e.g. MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot. However, there are many systems that cover different needs in the market. Some of these systems have their own SMS solution integrated. However, they are first and foremost an automation system and therefore do not have a strong focus on SMS. Therefore, regardless of whether they have SMS or not, it may be relevant to look at the possibility of making an SMS integration. If you are interested in SMS integration from automation systems, take a look at this page.

    Integration to CMS systems (WordPress)

    There are many possibilities when you connect your CMS to an SMS gateway. You may want to send notifications to administrators when new users register, when new comments are made on your content, when users log in to your CMS. You can also integrate with e.g. Contact Form 7, WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads so you get an SMS when someone downloads material.

    SMS from subject systems

    At SureSMS, we understand that effective communication is the key to success in any industry. That's why we offer customized SMS integration solutions that seamlessly integrate with a range of specialist systems, whatever your company's specific needs.

    Our platform is designed to work hand in hand with systems for hairdressers, car dealers, healthcare (e.g. Redcap), and many other industries, so you can send reminders, confirmations and offers directly to your customers' mobile phones.

    SMS from Customer Support Software

    If you use a Customer Support System to give your customers the best experience with user support, it may be relevant to look into an SMS integration. For example, you may be using Zendesk, Freshdesk or Zoho or another system for your user support. There are many different customer support systems, so you may also be using one we haven't mentioned. With SMS integration to your CSS, you can give your customers and users an even better service because you can have the dialog on their mobile phone. You can respond quickly and provide them with information they may need before they buy your products.

    SMS integration to LDAP/user databases

    LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and is often used as a generic term for a common source of user information. Originally created as an X.500 directory, it is now often used in conjunction with Vines, Novell NDS or Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Microsoft Active Directory.)

    The benefit of using an integration to your LDAP system is that users are automatically created and deleted in SureSMS when they join and leave (or go on maternity or paternity leave).

    SMS passcode

    SMS integrations for Multi-Factor Systems

    Multi-Factor Systems or MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) are systems used to authenticate users. You probably know it from NemID or from the bank when you make a payment. You receive an SMS with a PIN code. By sending you a PIN code, the site you interact with ensures that they know who you are. Usually, they assume you are who you say you are because you know your password. But, if you also have a cell phone, you know the code and have the phone - therefore it becomes multi-factor. SureSMS has integration to a number of multi-factor systems.


    SMS integration for surveillance systems

    Similar to MFA above, you can also use SMS integration for surveillance systems. This can be both monitoring of computer systems such as PRTG, Synolog or QNAP or it can be physical surveillance from cameras or you can, for example, lock and unlock doors with SMS messages. There are so many options here. However, there are a lot of things to be aware of when integrating e.g. IT monitoring with SMS messaging, which you can read about here.

    Mail-2-SMS and SMS-2-Mail

    There are several alternatives if you want to send SMS from your own system. The vast majority of systems that work with contacts, whether it's booking, CRM, sales systems, etc. can send an email. SureSMS has an email-to-SMS solution where you can set it up so that instead of sending an email, an SMS is sent. This is probably the easiest way to integrate.


    Integration Software

    When it comes to SMS and integrations, there is a class of software all of its own. It's integration software. The most well-known in Denmark are Zapier and Elastic.io. Basically, these platforms have 1000s of integrations. For example, SureSMS has created an integration for Zapier called "Send an SMS". For example, Google has created an integration called "When data is added to my Google Sheet". From Zapier, you then link the two integrations together. So you could say that "When data arrives in my Google Sheet" you should call SureSMS's integration "Send an SMS". This way, each system only needs to create one integration and it can be used by all other systems. If you can't find the integration you're looking for on this page, try checking Zapier or Elastic.io to see if they have an integration for your system and tie SureSMS and your system together with either Zapier or Elastic.io.

    Physical products

    SMS integration with physical products is becoming more and more popular as IoT is used in more and more places. Many "gizmos" today can send SMS messages if there is something to be aware of. This could be a surveillance camera, for example. In most cases, the hardware will be set up to send an SMS to a phone. But sometimes you want to send an SMS to another system. Here our 2-way solution be useful.

    We also have SMS integration for access control and payment systems. For example, you can receive an SMS code for a door.

    Below you can see examples of some of the systems that have already made integrations with SureSMS. You can also click on each of the above categories to learn more about integrations for each category. If you can't find an integration with the exact system you're looking for, you can either search Zapier for it or contact us via the form to the right.

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      Timeplan is the leading workforce management software solution.

      Timeplan is modular and ensures an efficient and economical solution from shift planning to time tracking all the way to the creation of payroll data, which is sent to the payroll system with just a few clicks.

      QNAP provides a comprehensive range of network attached storage (NAS) and video surveillance solutions based on the principles of ease of use, high security and flexible scalability.

      QNAP offers quality NAS products for home and business users, providing solutions for storage, backup, virtualization, teamwork, multimedia and more.

      With Synology, you can store and manage your data securely and legally.
      SynologyNAS can be used for/as, among other things:

      • File server for file sharing and synchronization
      • Data backup
      • Storage for virtualization
      • Mail services
      • Virtual machine on NAS

      Facebook is used to market your business.
      By using the "Facebook sign up button" your followers/customers can sign up for your newsletter/offers via your Facebook profile.

      When using the Facebook integration, your followers will automatically be connected to the group in your SureSMS account that you send newsletters/offers to.

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      Shared Library System is a library solution that covers both school and public libraries and pedagogical learning centers. The system contains information about loans, patrons, reservations and financial balances between patron and library. It takes less than 3 minutes to set up the system and test that everything works as it should.

      Digital access control - keyless access

      With digital access control from Conlan, you can create a beautiful and flexible solution for a wide range of tasks, e.g:

      • Office buildings
      • Shops
      • Industries
      • Housing associations
      • Private homes


      With PRTG, we have developed a monitoring solution that helps IT professionals monitor their entire infrastructure around the clock. PRTG monitors all systems, devices, traffic and applications in your IT infrastructure.

      Everything is included in PRTG; there is no need for additional plugins or downloads. PRTG is a powerful solution and easy to use. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

      Salon Booking

      Salon Booking is a free online WordPress plugin that gives you booking options on your website. Hairdressers, clinics, sports centers and more can use SalonBooking. SureSMS is the official SMS gateway for SalonBooking with the proven add-on.

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