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Group SMS... One function - many possibilities

Group of SMS's

Groups - Lists - Lists - Customer clubs - Newsletters... A child of many names! With a group SMS account at SureSMS you can easily and quickly send out many messages to customers, users, employees, members and more. Read below how to succeed with Group SMS.

Not what you were looking for? Below are two quick guides for Group SMS on Android and on iPhone.

About group SMS

Sending group text messages to customers, users, members and other groups is one of the most commonly used features in our solution. Whether it's the business sending offers to customers, the association sending newsletters and events to members or the temp agency sending information to employees about upcoming shifts. Groups and lists are a simple and inexpensive way to send out information that is actually READ by the recipient!

Access our SMS sender directly from our website. From here, it's quick and easy to create a group and send SMS messages to the entire group. You save typing time and get a quick and easy overview of the sent SMS messages. And it can be done directly from your computer.

The benefits of group SMS

  • All your recipients get the information they need instantly.
  • Decide your own sender name e.g. Library - This provides branding of your own company/product.
  • Merge functions - e.g. "Dear Nina..." or other information
  • Easily import all recipients from Excel (via .csv files).
  • Time your SMS broadcasts and get your information out at the right time.
  • Create unlimited groups and contacts.
  • See a history of delivery status to all your recipients.

If you prefer to work from iPad, tablet and mobile, that's no problem. Our web interface works from all devices and in all browsers.

Create a free account

Create account incl. 50 free SMSes

    Order a free trial account now!


    Password is sent by SMS to this number.


    Watch our short instructional video below:

    Create contacts and groups:

    1. Create your contacts in the address book.
    2. Create a group and select which contacts should be in the group.
    3. Type your message and hit send!
    4. You have now sent a group text message.

    On the left you can quickly create a test account with 50 free SMSes and try group texting yourself. 

    More features with Group SMS.

    All the groups you want

    In our Group SMS sender, there is no limit to the number of groups. You can create as many different groups as you want. All recipients can be in the same group and you can have groups with only a few people.

    All the recipients you want

    There is no limit to the number of recipients. You can create as many recipients as you want. Some of our customers have up to 100,000 recipients in their group and they send an SMS to all recipients at once.

    Easy to sign up

    There are many ways to join a group. We've made it so you can put a sign-up form on your own website, so you can sign up via SMS or email, and we've also made it so you can easily use a QR code to sign up if you're in a physical store, for example.

    Send via SMS

    Our Group SMS also explores sending via SMS. This means that you send one SMS to SureSMS, which then sends the same SMS to the entire list.

    Write to usif you have questions about the group texting feature.

     Here you can read some examples of how our customers use the "Group SMS" feature today

    • A medium-sized Jutland-based transportation company uses group text messaging to send work assignments to their drivers. The SMS messages sent contain logistical information about cargo, location and pick-up.
    • An online gaming company gains new customers by sending group text messages with links to potential online games to their users.
    • At a Danish hospital, the head of the canteen regularly sends out group text messages to lucky staff about social events and important occasions: "Today there's cake in the canteen!" or "Tomorrow we're celebrating summer with a Friday barbecue in the courtyard!"

    SureSMS is integrated with our POS and financial system, so the messages are sent automatically to our customers' customers when the order is completed. "Our relationship with SureSMS has been great and they have always been quick to help us get new customers up and running. Once it's up and running, we don't talk to them anymore because there are never any problems.

    Søren Christensen - Norriq

    There should be more IT companies like you. It's VERY flexible!

    Bjarne Jørgensen, Herning Hot-dip galvanizing.

    At Fujitsu, we have a number of field technicians who are on the road every day and forget to attend our weekly Skype meetings because they're buried deep in technical equipment at customer sites. Since we started sending out SMS reminders an hour before the meetings, we've had a much higher attendance and they actually say that the reminders are a great help.

    Customer references sms gateway Norstaff