Do you need a system to send mass SMS messages to customers, employees, suppliers or other groups?

Create a free SMS Gateway Account with SureSMS

At SureSMS, we have 15 years of experience providing one of the most stable and user-friendly SMS gateway services in the UK:

Write and send unlimited SMS messages via your computer. Or set your existing customer systems to send automatic SMS messages when it's most relevant.

Your SMS messages are always sent out when they're supposed to. Because we have negotiated good agreements with Danish and international telecom companies and ensure that the technical aspects are in order.

No sign-up fee, no subscription and no commitment. With our SureSMS Gateway Account, you only pay a fixed low rate for the domestic and international SMS messages you send.

You can always call and ask. With a SureSMS Gateway account, you have free 24/7 support with a Danish programmer who has extensive experience with SMS gateways and API integrations.

You get the first 50 SMS messages for free to test the system.
We don't have a subscription. You only pay for the SMS messages you send.

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Access the most important professional tools

...that you need to succeed with your SMS communication and marketing:

  • Automatic sign-up - you'll receive an instant login and 50 free SMSes.
  • No set-up fee, subscription or commitment period - you are assigned a virtual phone number and only pay for the SMS messages you send (28 øre in Denmark, see international prices here).
  • Great guide on how to easily upload your contact lists as an Excel .csv file.
  • Sort contacts into different recipient groups and create new groups when you need them.
  • Text in our online portal that automatically counts characters - so you always know how many characters you have left.
  • Choose the best time to send your SMS messages - SureSMS will make sure they're sent while you're doing other things.
  • Save your most important SMS messages as templates - so you don't have to type the same things every time.

Create a SureSMS account for free by filling out our sign-up form - and start sending bulk SMS to your contact list today! There are no subscriptions, lock-in periods or fees - you only pay for the number of SMS messages you send.

More features included in the SureSMS Gateway Account:

  • Request a company name or special 3-11 character sender name for your SMS messages instead of a phone number - so your recipients can quickly identify the sender of your SMS messages.
  • Include the recipient's first name, last name or full name - making the SMS more personal and effective.
  • Download our custom-built Outlook2SMS add-on to write and send SMS messages directly from Outlook.
  • Let people opt in and out of your contact lists themselves - so you don't have to keep them updated manually.
  • Check if a phone number is in use with CPR lookup at 2 cents per lookup - so you avoid spending money on unused phone numbers (requires API access).
  • Manuals, instructional videos and free telephone support in Danish.

What our customers say

We have more than 1000 satisfied customers, including Esbjerg Gods, Fujitsu, Norriq and Herning Varmforzinkning:

Fujitsu - 567px

At Fujitsu, we have a number of field technicians who are on the road every day and forget to attend our weekly Skype meetings because they're buried deep in technical equipment at customer sites. Since we started sending out SMS reminders an hour before the meetings, we've had a much higher attendance and they actually say that the reminders are a great help.

John Johansen - Fujitsu

Norriq - 567b

"SureSMS is integrated with our POS and financial system, so the messages are sent automatically to our customers' customers when the order is completed. Our relationship with SureSMS has been great and they have always been quick to help us get new customers up and running. Once it's up and running, we don't talk to them anymore because there are never any problems."

Søren Christensen - Norriq.

Herning Hot-dip galvanizing - 300px b

"There should be more IT companies like you. It's VERY flexible!"

Bjarne Jørgensen, Herning Hot-dip galvanizing.

Try the SureSMS Gateway Account now. You can always make the big plan afterwards

Do you need to set up API access so your existing systems can send SMS? Do you want your customers to be able to reply to SMS messages? Or do you just need to add your company name as the sender so your recipients can quickly see where the SMS is coming from?

You have many exciting options with SureSMS, and we would love to talk to you about your needs.

But we also know that deciding, planning and implementing more advanced solutions can take time.

We therefore recommend that you start using our regular SureSMS Gateway Account right away.

Then you can start testing which types of SMS messages are relevant to send and how recipients respond. And learn more about what setup you need to get the most success with your SMS communication.

Tell us about your needs!

Book a conference call* with Glen Mandsberg, an expert in SMS gateway solutions and the main architect behind SureSMS.

We're curious to hear about your needs and are always happy to have a no-obligation chat about how SureSMS can ensure the success of your SMS strategy.

We can also help you develop new integrations between SureSMS and your systems if you don't have the necessary developers and programmers in-house.

Glen Mandsberg