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Sender of your choice for your message

Optional sender ID on your messages

When you send an SMS message from our SMS gateway, you can determine the sender yourself. This means that you can decide who should be the sender when the message lands on the recipient's phone. Of course, you can't choose SKAT, Nets or the police as shown in the image above. We must approve the sender and if it is not related to your company or association, we will not approve the sender.

All senderids are approved manually

Alphanumeric or numeric sender

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to use an alphanumeric or numeric sender.

An alphanumeric sender is a combination of letters. For example, you can choose the sender "Club" or "FashionShop". If you choose an alphanumeric sender, the recipient will not be able to reply to the message. Therefore, you must enter a number in the message if you want the recipient to be able to get in touch with you.

Another option is to choose a numeric sender.

A numeric sender is simply a phone number. You can choose your own phone number or, for example, your company's phone number as the sender. When the recipient of the message replies, the reply will automatically end up on the phone that has the SIM card with the selected number.


Only legal senders

We manually approve all senders before they are released. This means that you can't get senders like PostNord, Nets or POLITI. We do this to increase security in general and trust in SMS specifically.

Pros and cons

There are pros and cons to both solutions. With an alphanumeric sender, your brand is more prominent and the message is more personalized. The number from which the message is sent does NOT appear in an alphanumeric sender. This means that you need to write in the SMS message how the recipient can reach you if you want a reply.

With a numeric sender, replying back is quick and easy. The ease of the workflow makes it more accessible for the recipient to send the reply, thus avoiding a user sending you a reply that you do NOT receive.

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    Password is sent by SMS to this number.


    A few limitations

    If you choose the alphanumeric sender, you should know that you can choose a sender with a maximum of 11 characters. This is a limitation in the SMS protocol, which means that it applies to everyone who sends SMS messages. It is not something that we at SureSMS can change.

    If you choose an alphanumeric sender, we at Sure SMS will change the sender. We do this for security reasons, to ensure that you are not pretending to be someone other than who you are. This is a security measure that we have introduced after SMS gateways of colleagues in the industry have been misused to send messages with a fake sender.

    You can order as many different alphanumeric senders as you want. There's no extra cost, we just enter them into the system for you.

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    Here you can read some examples of how our customers today use the feature: "Sender of choice on SMS"

    • Many of our companies that represent multiple brands have one administration that manages the communication. When they send SMS messages to users, they have created multiple senders and simply select the brand they are writing from in the sender field. Multiple brands but one company and management.
    • Several of our associations have different members of the board who send SMS messages from our website. In the sender field, they can easily select "Treasurer, "President" or "Board", depending on who the message is from. But the entire group has a complete overview of the association's messages.
    • One of our salons chooses their mobile number or the name of the salon as the sender, depending on whether messages or campaigns are sent out to customers. For campaigns, the name is important; for appointments or other inquiries, customers need to be able to reply back.

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