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Send SMS from the web with our online SMS sender

Are you a professional user who needs to send SMS messages to your customers, employees, clients or members of your association? Then it's a good idea to send SMS online by using an online SMS sender.

Whether you use a PC or Mac or a tablet with Android, you can use our system to send SMS messages online. It works on all computers and tablets regardless of operating system. By logging in to our web app, you gain access to a system from which you can send SMS messages.


Send SMS messages

With access to our SMS sender, which you can order for free just to the right of this, you can send and receive SMS messages via your computer or tablet. You can either send an SMS message to a single person by entering their phone number, or you can send to a list. You can import the list into the system from your CRM system, your membership system or just a spreadsheet you have lying around.

If you want to receive SMS messages online as well, you need to purchase a two-way SMS module. It costs DKK 99,- per month, but then you can receive SMS both on our website and in your email inbox.

What is your SMS message

    Order a free trial account now!


    Password is sent by SMS to this number.


    Send SMS from PC / Send SMS from the web

    The easiest way to send text messages online is to send them from your PC by logging in to our website. Type your message and press "Send". We will then send an SMS message to the recipient. Sending SMS online is quick and easy.

    We support all major browsers, so you don't have to worry about whether our system works on your computer. Anyone can use our SMS sender.

    Send an SMS via the web

    There are other ways to send an SMS than via the browser. You can also send your messages using email. By using a solution called mail2sms, you can send SMS messages online from your email program. This applies regardless of which email program and email provider you have.


    About SMS messages

    An SMS has a maximum length of 160 characters (incl. spaces). If you write a longer message, the message will still be sent, but it will be charged as 2 or more SMS depending on the length

    You can NOT send SMS messages to 3 - 4 or 5 digit numbers - so-called shortcodes from SureSMS.

    From our website, you can easily take advantage of the many options: export contacts, create groups, schedule mailings and create templates to make your communication faster, easier and more professional.

    Read more here on the website under Features and Functions or follow the link at the bottom of the page to our YouTube channel to watch our instructional videos.

    Free SMS?

    Most mobile plans come with free SMS included. Unfortunately, as we pay the telecom companies for every single SMS sent, it is not possible for us to offer this. It costs 28 øre per SMS you send online.


    Get a login right away!

    To log in, a username and password are required. You can do this by creating a test account here on the site.

    It doesn't cost anything to get a username. Creating an account in our gateway is free and the subscription costs €0.00.
    We are committed to a transparent pricing policy, so there are no hidden costs or subscriptions. Our customers pay a metered price, i.e. only for the SMS messages they send. You can see our updated prices here.

    With the 50 free messages you receive when you create a test account, you can try out our SMS gateway for free. You do NOT need to provide credit card details to open a test account.

    Our WEB Interface is easy to use

    You can log in to our website via the following link http://app.suresms.com or by clicking the login button in the top right corner of this page.

    SureSMS Gateway is specifically designed for businesses and associations. We manually review all accounts before creation to ensure that all inquiries are serious. Therefore, there may be a short waiting time before you receive the email with login info from us and can start sending SMS.

    Our solution is a so-called platform-independent solution. This means that it is suitable whether you use a PC or Mac, a tablet with Android or Windows. Our system also works for you.

    We have solved the task of platform independence by using the languages that are used on the web and that all devices understand. For example, you can use our SMS solution via http or via SMTP (also known as email).

    Easy to integrate API and many features 

    We love to develop, and our customers use us in many different ways. We're proud of that.

    That's why we have developed many features and functions for our customers over the years. In the menus on this website you will find many of them described, but if you don't find what you are looking for, please contact us. We cover most things, and we're always happy to take on new challenges.

    Are you a developer and want to know more about our API? Check out our developer pages or call us on tel: 50 322 322 322. You can also send us a message here.

    Send SMS with API

    Here you can read some examples of how our customers are using our online SMS service today:

    • One of the Danish professional organizations uses our online SMS service to send out newsletters to customers. It's obviously easier to send out long newsletters via a computer's larger keyboard, and it also allows you to attach links with relevant articles to the organization's members.
    • A hunting association in Zealand has signed up on our Gateway. As the members of the association take turns organizing the hunts, they all have a login to the association's account, from where they send notifications about upcoming hunts to the other members.
    • A heating company uses our gateway to notify residents of supply disruptions. For example, when the heat is shut off due to repairs in a certain area, the phone numbers are pulled out of the utility's system, pasted onto our website, from where they can simply send a message to all affected households.

    Visit our Manual website

    To help our customers, we have gathered all instructions and descriptions at manual.suresms.com. Here you can see how our gateway works and get simple, user-friendly instructions for the many features.


    SureSMS is made by developers for developers!
    At developer.suresms.com we have gathered documentation and code examples to make it easy to integrate our gateway into your system.

    Watch our how-to videos!

    Are you starting a new feature? Or do you just need to know a little more about how our gateway works? On Youtube we have gathered our instructional videos. Ready to go!