Import contacts

Import contacts

If you have all your contacts in a spreadsheet, association system or other database, it's easy to add them to SureSMS.

The import of contacts is done via a so-called CSV file. It is a semicolon separated file where each field is separated by a ";".

To upload your contacts to the SureSMS address book, you must first have your files in an Excel sheet. The file must contain, among other things, the contacts' full names and phone numbers. delete_group_24
Note! It is important that there are NO extra spaces in the entries, otherwise the system will not be able to send to the mobile numbers.

You then save the information in a CSV file and upload your contacts to your address book directly from our gateway.

For a detailed walkthrough on how to import CSV files, take a look at our guide here: Manual for importing CSV files.

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Here you can read some examples of how our customers use the "Group SMS" feature today

  • A medium-sized Jutland-based transportation company uses SureSMS Gateway to send work assignments to their drivers. The SMS messages sent contain logistical information about cargo, location and pick-up.
  • An online gaming company gains new customers by sending SMS messages with links to potential online games to their users.
  • At a Danish hospital, the manager of the canteen regularly sends out information to lucky staff about social events and important occasions: "Today there's cake in the canteen!" or "Tomorrow we celebrate summer with a Friday barbecue in the courtyard!"

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SureSMS is made by developers for developers!
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