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SMS API Gateway

SMS API for Danish developers.

SMS Gateway API made easy. 

If you need an API for an SMS gateway to send SMS messages to Danish, Nordic and European numbers, here's everything you need to know.

With an SMS Gateway API, you can send and receive SMS messages from all over the world. Since 2003, we have been a stable and reliable supplier of SMS to large and small Danish companies, institutions and organizations. On our dedicated developer site https://developer.suresms.com there is complete documentation on our many possible integration options.

History, connection, mobile icon vector image. Can also be used for IT and communication . Suitable for use on web apps, mobile apps and print media.

Send SMS messages

Send SMS

Use our Gateway API to send SMS messages. Possibility for REST, SOAP, HTTPs and Email2SMS.

Receive messages

Inbound SMS

With a virtual number, you can integrate SMS reception into your own system via webhooks.

MobilePay link in SMS

MobilePay link

With our API, you can send MobilePay links in messages and receive payment instantly.

Receive delivery SMS

DLR webhook

The SMS gateway API supports web hooks with delivery status to your system.

How to get an SMS API account

  1. Create a free developer account here on the right.
  2. Select the language you use below and copy the code
  3. If you have any problems, write to [email protected]

Create a free account

Create account incl. 50 free SMSes

    Order a free trial account now!


    Password is sent by SMS to this number.


    Our SMS Gateway API

    • Our network covers over 1900 operators worldwide
      Connected to over 40 SMS providers worldwide, we can always get your SMS through. Our own connection to the Danish operators means we can offer great prices in Denmark.
    • Adaptive routing means we always find the best route for your SMS
      We constantly monitor the delivery quality and compare it to the price. This allows our algorithm to find the best route when you use our SMS API.
    • Short-code support on 1272 and 1414
      Get your own keywords on short codes for competitions or similar.
    • Supports REST, HTTPs, SOAP and Email
      Modern and easily accessible APIs with many code examples.
    • Capacity to handle even the largest shipments
      Whether you need to send 5 or 5000 SMS per minute, we have the capacity to do it.
    • GDPR Compliant
      We use the tool ComplyCloud to ensure that we comply with all regulations and that we continuously update our risk assessment.
    • No subscription, you only pay for the SMS messages.
      There is no subscription to our SMS API. You only pay for the messages you send. Our free trial account has all features and 50 free SMS messages.

    Reliable SMS Gateway API

    Our API has historically had an uptime of 99.995%. This is measured by an independent 3rd party and you can see the reports here.

    SMS Gateway API Uptime chart


    Whether you use our SMS API or use our Dashboard, an SMS costs the same. You can see our prices here prices.


    SMS Gateway Dashboard

    Below you can see a screenshot from our dashboard. As a developer, you can configure sender ID, webhooks, API keys, SMS sender and webhooks on receipts or incoming SMS messages. There is a full log of both outgoing and incoming SMS messages for easy troubleshooting and testing.

    SureSMS Interface for configuring Webhooks

    Other integrations that use our SMS Gateway API

    If you don't have the courage to create an integration yourself, or you want to get started faster, we already have many integrations ready to go. We have integrations for social media like Facebook and Instagram, for booking and staffing systems to CRM and OneTimePassword software. You can see many of our integrations on our existing integrations.

    If you want your system to be included in the above list, please write to us at [email protected].


    Find documentation at https://developer.suresms.com

    SureSMS is made by developers for developers! On the website https://developer.suresms.com we have gathered all the documentation and many code examples to make it easy to integrate our SMS API gateway with your system via API.

    Visit our Manual website

    To help our customers, we have gathered all instructions and descriptions at manual.suresms.com. Here you can see how our gateway works and get simple, user-friendly instructions for the many features.


    SureSMS is made by developers for developers!
    At developer.suresms.com we have gathered documentation and code examples to make it easy to integrate our gateway with your system via API.

    Watch our how-to videos!

    Are you starting a new feature? Or do you just need to know a little more about how our gateway works? On Youtube we have gathered our instructional videos. Ready to go!