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SMS integration for Integration Systems


With SMS integration to your booking or temp system, you can quickly and efficiently communicate with customers and temps. Make sure the customer arrives on time and the shift is filled efficiently.

SMS in booking and staffing systems

The biggest benefit of using SMS if you have a booking system is that you reduce no-shows. SureSMS has done a study that shows that the value of an SMS for dentists in 2018 was 8 kroner. It was a study that looked at how many no-shows dentists without SMS had in comparison to dentists who used SMS. This was compared to the cost of a dental chair with rent, assistant salary, dentist salary and lost profit. Most booking systems don't allow you to use any other SMS gateway than their own. This is because they know that they can charge up to 1 DKK for an SMS and they can make a good profit on that, while you as a salon or clinic owner are still doing a good business.


Which systems support alternative SMS gateways

However, there are some link and booking systems that support the use of SMS solutions other than their own. Some have a handful to choose from and others have an open API.

If your booking system has a list of SMS gateways, but SureSMS is not on the list, we would love to have a email from you. This means that your booking system supports multiple SMS gateways and it's likely that they will also want to work with us. If we contact them together, they are usually responsive and will help us set up an integration.

On the right-hand side of the page you can see a list of the systems we already integrate with. If your system is not on the list, send us an email via the link above.

Support for SMS systems

What should you be aware of when sending SMS?

When sending SMS from your booking system, the price of SMS can actually determine which booking system you should choose. The same goes for temporary staffing systems. If the price is a penny, it can quickly become expensive to send a great offer to all your customers.

In addition to Price there are also a number of features you need to be aware of.

Receive SMS in your booking system

It can save you a lot of money, as mentioned above, if you can send SMS from your system. But it can save you even more if you can receive replies. In SureSMS we offer a so-called 2-way SMS solution. This means that customers can reply to your SMS. For example, they can cancel their appointment or ask for a new appointment. They can change their order or ask a question. All things that would normally take a phone call and interrupt your treatment. Pay attention to whether your booking system (or the one you are about to choose) offers incoming SMS messages.

Flagging "bad" numbers

We change phone numbers from time to time. New job or a newer model with a subsidy. However, not many people think to tell their hairdresser that they have a new number. This means that some of the numbers you have are no longer valid. SureSMS has a solution where we remove invalid numbers. This saves you from paying for SMS messages sent to numbers that no longer exist. Check if your booking system does this, otherwise you may have to do a manual process to clear out these numbers.



Calendar systems

iCalendar integration

As a final option, some booking systems support the so-called iCalendar system. iCalendar is a standard for sharing calendars on the internet. It is mainly international booking systems that support this option. If you can find a calendar sharing option in the setup of your booking system, SureSMS can read this calendar and send SMS based on what is in it.

This applies to Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. They all support this option, so if you use one of these platforms to make bookings, we can support this. However, we also have a Outlook plugin which makes it much easier to set up from Outlook.

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    Password is sent by SMS to this number.


    Below you can see some of the integrations that already exist between SureSMS and booking and staffing systems.


    Zapier allows you to connect to more than 4000 systems. It's a relatively affordable and very user-friendly integration system where you can connect many different solutions without having to write a single line of code.

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