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Making sure the SMSes get sent is our number one priority.

When providing an SMS service, monitoring systems is paramount to provide proper uptime and ensure that messages are actually sent and delivered to customers. There are far too many things that can go wrong when sending out an SMS message to rely solely on alarms and machines.

Full monitoring and always on call 24/7

We have over 100 points of measurement on our network and infrastructure that are monitored every minute, but we don't just rely on machines.

As soon as something goes wrong, our operations manager / on-call technician is immediately informed. There is always a man on the job if a server is not sending or receiving as intended.

We constantly monitor our servers! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We watch while you sleep to ensure the very best uptime.

We monitor all Danish operators and also the major Nordic operators to ensure optimal delivery. This means that we detect if one of them is down or for some other reason not delivering the product. This allows us to react immediately and find solutions to the problem.

We're always at the forefront with the best equipment

To ensure a consistently optimal delivery, we make sure we're always up to date with the latest technology. Our equipment learns from mistakes. Once an error has happened once, the same action the next time will trigger a corrective action that restores the system to full operation automatically. 

Machine learning... The learning machine in action.

Maximum UPTIME! Over 99.9 %

We have the maximum uptime at SureSMS. On many industry sales pages you can read about 99.7 % or 100 % uptime. At SureSMS, our uptime is over 99.9, but in practice these numbers are just rounding.

We make sure our systems are always running and always monitored to catch any errors that happen to machines or suppliers. 

If the phone you're sending to is switched on, we provide optimal monitoring to ensure your message arrives.


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Here you can read some examples of how our customers are using our hosted SIM solution today:

  • A Danish heat supply company use our hosted SIM solution to their business in Norway and Sweden. Just like in Denmark, their staff must send appointment reminders to residents, but since these are on Norwegian and Swedish numbers, the 2-way solution must of course be the same.
  • A Danish advertising agency sends physical letters to customers with offers. These letters contain a phone number where customers can sign up for the offers with a KEYWORD. The number is forwarded to the advertising agency's customer phone so that future customers can also call.
  • A hotel near the Danish/German border uses our 2-way solution for communication with future and past customers. Since there are both Danes and Germans among the guests, the 2-way solution should of course have both a Danish and a German mobile number.

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