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Safety and security

... is the most important thing to us. Security that:

  • ... your SMS messages are delivered.
  • ... no one else can see your SMS messages.
  • ... others can't send SMS messages on your behalf.

Data security

Only our Danish authorized SureSMS employees have access to customer data.

We continuously back up all data to ensure it is not lost.

We offer to delete messages systematically if our customers want us to. For example, if they contain sensitive personal information. This can be selected directly from our web portal.

SSL encryption of sensitive data

SSL encryptionAll communication between the client and our servers is encrypted using the latest SSL encryption. This ensures that no one can intercept information sent between the client and the server.

This makes it safe to send sensitive personal information via SureSMS. 

Of course, we also monitor our SSL encryption on an ongoing basis.

Co-located servers in 2 Danish data centers

Our servers are co-located in 2 large data centers in Ballerup and Tåstrup, which are redundantly set up. This means that our data is set up on identical servers in 2 Danish data centers, so should something happen to one set of data, it is still intact on the other set of servers.

High-volume Danish, Nordic and European suppliers

Sending an SMS message is not a simple matter. There are over 1000 operators in the world. If you choose a supplier who doesn't have a lot of traffic to a particular operator, he has little incentive to ensure a stable delivery to that operator.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a provider that already delivers many of their messages to the network you want to send to.

We send many messages to Denmark, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. Therefore, our suppliers are the strongest in these countries.

Of course, we have our suppliers among the major Danish operators. BUT that in itself is not a guarantee that they deliver the goods. The important thing is that each supplier delivers high quality.

That's why we monitor our suppliers so we can ensure you the very best uptime and delivery reliability.

We deliver to all countries, but our connection will typically not be as strong in the Chinese market as the Chinese supplier.

But give us a challenge!

If you need to deliver a large volume of messages to, for example, Kenya, we'll find a suitable and stable supplier. No challenge is too big, but some are probably too small.


We guarantee an uptime of 99.9%. This means that we promise to receive your messages almost all the time, and we monitor all Danish operators as well as the major Nordic operators to ensure optimal delivery. This gives us both a high uptime of more than 99.9 % on our endpoints and a great security for our customers that they won't lose their data.

Unfortunately, we rely on telecom companies working and phones being switched on, so if they're not, the warranty doesn't cover it.

Here you can read some examples of how our customers are using our hosted SIM solution today:

  • A Danish heat supply company use our hosted SIM solution to send out reminders and get responses from their customers in Norway and Sweden.
  • A Danish advertising agency sends physical letters to customers with offers. These letters contain a phone number and KEYWORD for customers to order with. The number is also forwarded to the advertising agency's customer phone number, so potential customers can also call.
  • A hotel near the Danish/German border use our 2-way solution to communicate with new and existing customers with Danish and German mobile numbers.

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