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International Gateway - Send SMS to the world

SureSMS is an international SMS gateway. This means that SMS abroad is ALWAYS integrated into our regular subscription.

We have a well-established collaboration with over 800 stable operators in 170 countries. This means that our customers can always get in touch with all our partners - both in Denmark and internationally. We only use first-class suppliers and we constantly work to monitor the market and negotiate the best prices for our customers without compromising on quality.

It's just as easy to send text messages abroad as it is to send to your own country. Just remember to fill in the correct country code on the text message.

Low prices abroad

The cost of sending a message abroad depends on the country it's going to and the length of the message, but our prices are competitive and a lot cheaper than the telecom companies and our competitors.

On our Web Interface you can see the price of a message before you send it. Enter your phone number, country code and type the message in the text field and you will see the current price in the field below.

For more information about our updated international messaging rates, please contact our support team on +45 50 322 322 322 or send us an email at [email protected].

Need a 2-way solution with a foreign number?

Do you need your messages to come from a foreign number? Do you want your users to be able to reply to your messages on the number? We can easily handle that. Learn more about our Hostet-SIM 2-Way Solution here!

Danish company

SureSMS ApS is a Danish company that has been around since 2003. Our team has over 15 years of experience with infrastructures, including networks, security and servers.

Well-trained developers, technicians and service professionals are behind updates, operations and support. You can put us in charge of your SMS solution without worrying about instability or lack of service.

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There are no start-up and setup fees associated with our SMS solution. Our customers only pay for the sending of the SMS.

To make it easier to get started, we give all our new customers the opportunity to create a test account and get 50 free SMSes. This way you can try out our Gateway and see it in use.

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Here you can read some examples of how our customers today use the feature: "SMS to International"

  • A major Danish supplier to the international energy industry uses our international SMS service to notify customers around the world of orders placed.
  • Among our customers, we have a large Danish pharmaceutical company that uses our SMS service to send messages to their employees abroad, and their employees can sign up for newsletters via KEYWORDS.
  • Our integrated SMS to Abroad service is used by a Danish company that supplies utility meters to Denmark and Scandinavia. They use SureSMS to send notifications about upcoming readings to residents in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
  • And then we have a Greenlandic school that sends out messages to students' parents regarding school/home collaboration. It can be about practical information, student absence or other important information.
    Because of course we are an SMS service for the whole of Denmark!

Visit our Manual website

To help our customers, we have gathered all instructions and descriptions at Here you can see how our gateway works and get simple, user-friendly instructions for the many features.

SureSMS is made by developers for developers!
At we have gathered documentation and code examples to make it easy to integrate our gateway into your system.

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Are you starting a new feature? Or do you just need to know a little more about how our gateway works? On Youtube we have gathered our instructional videos. Ready to go!